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Hollywood Gatekeepers

Oct 26, 2019

See why coaching is the secret sauce to taking things to the next level. Join us behind the scenes with our coach, online expert Rick Mulready as he shares how coaching has changed his life and how it can change your life as well!

Oct 19, 2019

As readers, we pride ourselves on writing coverage that doesn't disparage writers. We love writers and want to give them the best shot possible. Sometimes, that can cause a lot of anxiety when a screenplay has problems. So we thought we’d dive in to talk about what to do when good people write bad scripts. Join us!

Oct 12, 2019

95% of success happens above the shoulders. Getting a hold of our mindset as readers, helping writers with their mindset and being aware of the mindsets of the characters within our screenplays will be the thing that catapults to success. Join us as we reveal research we have done to display the mindset skills...

Oct 4, 2019

Today, we dive into the world of a producer with an incredible interview with Mr. Jay Holben. Jay discusses his career as a producer and director. He is incredibly generous and he reveals a very clear view of how he uses readers, as well as how readers!